Corporate Games USA

Time Trials followed by Knockout Elimination
*Minimum of 14 and maximum of 22 on roster

Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area
2500 Stanley Blvd

Pleasanton, CA 94566

Teams are required to wear matching colored shirts or jerseys. Boats, paddles, and life jackets are provided. Official steersman will also be provided for each team. 

Course is 250 meters.  

Each team will race two time trials. Average time will be taken and used to place teams in a heat of four (4). Heats of four (4) will race with the last team to finish being eliminated until there is a champion. 

Teams must have a minimum of six (6) women on the roster and in the boat at all times. 

Medals will be provided to the top team in each heat and points are earned by top 3 finishers in each heat. Results will be posted at the competition site. 
Corporate Points
Heat Place (points): 1st (150),  2nd (80), 3rd (40), 4th (20)
*Plus Heat Number x 5 points
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